Hello Venice 2: New York Adventure Times of Vikings
Join Adda and Ciro on their Big Apple adventure and help them find the seeds of the Golden Tree!
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The strongest warriors of the village have embarked on a quest to find the four elemental runes and fight the Dragon! Will they be able to find the missing runes and save the Viking Worlds?
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Join Seraphine in this amazing adventure to save the world from its doom in Lost Inca Prophecy 2: The Hollow Island!
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Help Adda and Ciro solve a mystery and restore a garden to its former beauty in Hello Venice, an amazing Match 3 game!
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Join Bella and Coyote Cub on their amazing journey to help rebuild their hometown in this exciting Wild West themed game! Work your way through awesome Hidden Object scenes and save the gorgeous town!
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Help Serena save the Kingdom of Rosefal and keep the dreaded Prophecy from happening in The Lost Kingdom Prophecy! Dive into this Hidden Object game and become a hero, today!
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Travel to the New World and help Acua prevent a devastating prophecy from occurring, restore demolished temples, and save the Inca civilization! The Lost Inca Prophecy can only be deciphered only by following Acua`s mysterious dreams!
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  Fairy Island was a magical place untouched by human hands. But when Pirates wash up on shore, it spells trouble for everyone. Now the poor fairies are trapped inside magic crystals, and it`s up to you to break them out.  
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